What does it take to become a Professional Bull Rider in Australia?

A bull rider must be at least 18 years of age and an Open bull rider in a recognized Rodeo Association to purchase a PBRA membership.  After you purchase the PBR membership you will receive a riding permit.  This riding permit will allow you enter the Touring Pro and Sanctioned events.  Once you win $ 2500.00 (AUD) in prize money you will be upgraded from permit status to cardholder status, however, you have to continue to win $ 2500.00 (AUD) each year to maintain your card holder status.  Once you receive your cardholder status you can work your way towards the Cup Series, which can earn you a position on the Unleash The Beast Tour.

2020 PBR Australia Rider Membership Application

Please complete the PBRA Membership Form and return to PBR Australia Email PBRA@pbr.com

Additionally, attending a reputable bull riding school may give you the edge needed to take advantage of opportunities offered by the Professional Bull Riders to win money riding against the toughest contenders – both man and beast – in the world. Please contact PBRA office for details regarding upcoming bull riding schools.

If you are in need of protective equipment there are several companies that offer safety equipment and bull riding gear.  Gold Buckle Enterprises, the company owned and operated by 2008 PBR World Champion Troy Dunn, stocks quality bull riding equipment and may be contacted  on 0427 575 647 .